Lyudmila Tupchiienko

“Yoga is magic. Bliss and harmony.”
I can definitely say that yoga is not just that! When you look deep into yourself, things can come up…
Focus your own energy, focus your attention, and hereby you will achieve change.
By just sitting in the lotus for hours without proper preparation you will not feel the state of bliss and harmony everyone is talking about.
A strong, flexible and at the same time relaxed mind is the key to this state. Therefor we need a strong, flexible and at the same time relaxed body. In my classes we are searching for full contact with our body, for awareness and smoothness in each movement. So it’s about the connection between body and mind. what I want to show you. Through this we reach this level of consciousness. The next step would be the challenge to store and transform this state from your yoga mat far beyond it.
I came from Ukraine last year in march and live now here in Düsseldorf.

I’m happy to found this new home here where I can also offer my Yogaclasses!

Some facts about me:
8 years of yoga practice;
5 years of continuous teaching;
certified teacher of Yoga Alliance USA ;
I constantly continue my studies and improve my skills in various areas of yoga master classes in meditation
seminars, lectures and yoga tours on the basics of Yoga philosophy.

My classes can be quite intense, I love showing students their potential but I always show multiple execution options from beginners to advanced practice levels.

In my classes it should be comfortable for beginners and experienced alike.

I invite you to practice together and will be glad to see everyone!

Michaela Zigan
Claudia Brinkmann