Smriti Arya

Yoga has always been woven into the fabric of my life, albeit in fragments during my childhood in India. Introduced to me by my father at a young age, its significance waxed and waned as I plunged into the whirlwind of a worldly career. Yet, it was during a bout of postnatal depression that yoga emerged as my beacon, guiding me back to equilibrium and transforming me into a more resilient individual.

The Ashtanga series became my sanctuary, not just sculpting my physique but profoundly shaping my mental landscape in myriad positive ways. This profound impact spurred me to share the gift of yoga with others, nurturing their journey towards lasting happiness and inner peace.

With a dedicated practice spanning over a decade and five years of teaching experience, I specialize in the traditional Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga, alongside prenatal and postnatal yoga. My journey as a mother to a ten-year-old son enriches my teaching, infusing it with a deep understanding of the nuances of motherhood and the profound principles of Garbh Sanskar.

In my prenatal and postnatal classes, I draw upon the wisdom of Garbh Sanskar, a philosophy that advocates for the mental and emotional nourishment of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. This holistic approach, rooted in my own experiences and learnings, aims to empower mothers on their transformative journey through pregnancy and beyond.

My commitment to honing my craft led me to undertake rigorous training programs, including a 200-hour Ashtanga intensive program at the Miami Life Centre, under the guidance of esteemed teachers Kino McGregor and Tim Fledman. I also completed 200 hours of prenatal and postnatal yoga training with Yoga Point India, as well as an additional 200 hours with Kaivalyadham India, one of India’s premier yoga institutes.

Driven by a passion for yoga and a profound desire to serve others on their journey towards holistic well-being, I am dedicated to creating a nurturing space where individuals can discover the transformative power of yoga and cultivate lasting joy and harmony in their lives.

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