Ananti Shah

Ananti Shah has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, after completing an intensive and experiential training at the Swami Vivekanada Yoga Research Foundation in India. She specialises in pre-natal and post-natal yoga. She has been teaching pre and post-natal yoga in the UK for the past 15 years.

She is a mother of two boys and passionate about yoga. Through her own experiences of motherhood, she understood the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, the birthing process and mothering. She creates a sacred space in her classes to allow women to connect with their body, baby and inner world creating balance and harmony. She uses posture work combined with breathing and body awareness to allow women to fully experience this magical process.

“In my early twenties (1994), after graduating from a Bachelor Science degree in Pharmacy, I embarked on an adventure, a long journey to discover my Indian roots. Although, of Indian origin I had never set foot there, and so it was rather like a foreign land! Towards the end of my long trip I finally felt like I had come home, when I found myself at the Swami Vivekanada Yoga Ashram. Here I began the intensive Yoga Teacher Training programme and this became my life’s greatest gift. In the simple ashram life amongst the learned, wise teachers and gurus I experienced deep peace and felt a connection with a deeper aspect of myself and to all of humanity.

I understood that Yoga not only brings about body flexibility but also flexibility of mind and emotions. It teaches us how to remain present in our inner space even in the most uncertain situations of life and to embrace every moment. My personal yoga practice, my yoga teachers, spiritual teachers and most importantly my children have helped me to touch this space of presence, stillness and contentment. To them I am most grateful.

My vision is to share this knowledge of this experiential study with others so that each of us can grow and discover deeper spaces of being.”

Ananti teaches a prenatal yoga class on wednesdays in english exclusively at Vishnus Vibes.

Ananti Shah
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