Bollywood Dance Workshop

Mit Prianca Sharma

Dance is a celebration in India !

A part of its culture and history , each region has its unique dance styles . Over a hundred years back, when Indian Cinema was formed , dance became an integral part of it. And this, with Bollywood came Bollywood Dance!

Bollywood movies present themselves in the form of musicals. Drama, action, emotions and love, every element is interpreted with a dance sequences . And with global trends, Bollywood dancing has seamlessly adapted itself. Whether it was Rock’n’Roll or Disco, Jazz or Hip Hop, Bollywood music and dancing has adapted itself to every trend . It’s a fusion of the east and the west. Today, one of the most sought after dance styles.

Bollywood dance involves lyrical movements that tell a story.

Typically, a Bollywood dance class begins with an aerobic workout to popular songs followed by movements across the floor for spacial awareness, team building dance based activities and then the choreography.

The choreography is based on the mood of the song and the choreographers interpretation of the lyrics and music. The most essential element of a Bollywood dance class is that each participant feels good at the end of the class and goes home with a big cinematic smile on their face.

Pro Person 32€

Bollywood Dance Workshop


19:00-21:00 Uhr