Acro & Yin: The Rising & Rooting

mit Susanna & Tanya

Tanya and Susanna invite you to a workshop full of energetic connection, as well as quiet reflection with this unique combination of acroyoga and yin.
Acroyoga connects the power of acrobatics, the intentionality of yoga with laughter and community. Through precise technique and communal learning, we learn to fly, and rise into the air – during the first half of the workshop.
Moving into the Yin part of our workshop, we integrate what we have experienced, finding reflection and returning to our roots – Muladhara Chakra. We flow through a gentle series of hip openers to restore movement, release tension and calm the mind. Grounding, coming back to center and reestablishing the connection with ourself.

Everybody is welcome — regardless of age, gender or size. Just come in comfy clothes that allow you to move freely.
No experience needed, and you don’t have to bring a partner!

Tanya and Susanna will be teaching in English.

About us:
Susanna views acrobatics and yoga as a way to experience yourself and to connect with the world, and to explore boundless possibilities with lots of laughter in between. She is excited to invite you to this journey!

For Tanya, yoga is a wonderful adventure that continues to fascinate and inspire her. The body moving in unison with the breath. The voyage within to one’s self. Finding a quiet mind, strength and stillness. She looks forward to joining you on this voyage!

We will be using a solidarity pricing system – you give what feels possible to you. More, if you have sufficient funds at the moment, and less if not. We trust your solidarity, and honesty.

You can register via Eversports (fixed price), or via this link (solidarity pricing options): (or contact us on Instagram: / qu_bee)

Acro & Yin: The Rising & Rooting

24. Februar 2024

von 11:00 - 14:30 Uhr