Vanessa Mc Mann

Vanessa, the American founder of vejuice is a long time yoga practitioner, addicted to all kinds of inversions and – her big love- raw juices.
When she moved from NYC to Düsseldorf to be with her love and wanted to bring her passion for health and fitness to her new city, she founded her juice company Vejuice.

Settled in for a few years now, she finally decided to make her yoga teacher training and started to teach right away. Her teachings are influenced by her knowledge of nutrition based on a healthy lifestyle. Always a litte funny and empowering.

Maybe you know Vanessa from ‚Yoga in Grün‘, our outdoor yoga sessions from the last summers. We are happy to have her in our daily schedule. Enjoy!

Vanessa is teaching her classes in English but you will easy follow up.
She also can translate and switch in between.

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